Saturday, February 26, 2011


Here comes Shrek!

Shrek is a (s)lime green man who resembles an ogre. He has Mike Myers' voice, and he is accompanied by his friend Donkey, who often is voiced by the actor Eddie Murphy. He wears a cream colored tunic with a very small brown vest, as well as pants and shoes. He is “more to love” body type.

Personality & Behaviour
Shrek is like an onion because he has layers. On a first meeting, his poor social skills might turn you off. But as you get to know him, you will be endeared to him, and you will be eager to know what happens next. Shrek is something of a homebody. Even though he is disinclined toward adventure, circumstances obligate him to engage with a world that has long since rejected him. THEN, Shrek meets Fiona, a woman who is greener than she appears. THEN, Shrek falls in love.

Shrek is actually a pretty great guy, he has some personality issues but who doesnt these days? Sreks the complete package, pathos, ethos and logos, Peace.


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