Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Horse Girls

Ssshhhh, it's sleeping!
Horse Girls vary in shape and size. Sometimes, they are tall. Other ones are short. They are usually blonde but sometimes they aren't. Most Horse Girls wear Equestrian Gear.  This sort of outfit consists of a helmet and a few pants. A horse girl looks like she doesn't have interest in men. 

Personality & Behaviour
First things first - they LOVE horses. They think that horses are very great - the best. There is nothing for them that tops the experience of mounting a horse or pony and then riding it. They like to name their horses names, such as Kalypso or Debbie or Z. They spend a lot of time with their horse(s). They are generally wealthy so as to fund their horse habit. Sometimes, they train the horses to do tricks. Horse tricks can be jumps, leaps, or gallops. Horses cannot learn to sit. Horse Girls are aware of this limitation and have devised many contraptions for coercing a horse to sit. 

Horse Girls are actually pretty great girls, they have some personality issues but who doesnt these days? Horse girls are the complete package, earth, wind and fire, Peace.


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