Saturday, March 26, 2011

Innocent Bystander

Dead from a gun's bullets.
special guest post by Alex Kavutskiy, featured on Sports Fan Fiction

Innocent bystanders have big, naive eyes. These eyes can be brown, green, or preferably blue. The bigger, the better I always say. These eyes are used to see the world in a simpler, more beautiful way. Innocent bystanders are often women or children. Plain looking women and children. Innocent bystanders are white.

Personality & Behaviour
Innocent bystanders are known to wander through violent gang territory on their way to the grocery store, neighborhood rec center, church, volunteering, or school. Innocent bystanders are only identified after they are shot and killed. They live in and explore dangerous neighborhoods. Innocent bystanders wander around safe neighborhoods as well but we don't know about them since they aren't shot and killed. If an innocent bystander were to violently r*pe and kill someone, he wouldn't be so innocent after all, would he? He'd be a bystander. Another thing it would be bad for an innocent bystander is to graverob.

Innocent bystanders are actually pretty great guys, they have some personality issues but who doesnt these days? Innocent bystanders are the complete package, rock, paper, and scissors, Peace.


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