Monday, April 18, 2011


A stranger probably seems nice, and maybe they have blonde hair, what do I know? Tall, short, who knows? They definitely could be a girl or a man, that's for sure. It's possible there's a stranger out there you don't even know. His name could even be Salc, but another possible spelling is Salk. But we're not here to bicker about the spelling of the great American name Salck. A stranger is literally a grab bag. Anyone can be a stranger, even your best friend, provided you've never even met the guy. One can know only so many people; life is short! The only consistent thing about strangers is their long, tattered traveling cloaks and their deep-set, sunken eyes, which look jaded and world-weary.

Personality & Behaviour
Strangers are wispy beings- you can never seem to grasp them. They are always one step ahead. The only way to kill a stranger is to add him as a friend. If you ever find yourself cornered by a stranger, ask him what his interests are, who he be with, what numbers to dial. If the stranger considers this line of questioning too intrusive, take another approach. Everyone's different. Zalc has his own rhythms, and you need to keep in mind that sometimes two people just won't mesh. You have to step 2 the beat!! 1, 2. 1, 2. 1, 2. 1, 2. Also keep in mind that you are a stranger to others as well, which is why they will be asking you the same questions. Thus, true dialog is impossible in the modern age. Our generation is too Wired and Plugged In. Get off Facebook! Join Friendster.shrek

Strangers are actually pretty great people, they have some personality issues but who doesnt these days? Strangers are the complete package, who, what, and where, Peace.


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