Tuesday, March 22, 2011


"Need a ride?" ;)
The woman has a delicate frame, +breasts. The first thing you will notice about a woman is her flowing locks. Her dreadlocks often fall upon her shoulders, like ropes made of thick, human hair. I like a girl with REAL nice curves. Sometimes, when a girl walks by, phew! What a knock out woman that was! She's built like a Dodge Ram. Four wheel drive, power steering, AC, 998 hp (horse power), hatchback, $36,999 MSRP, 0% APR financing for 36 months. And I'm callin' shotgun on this one, boys. She really revs my engine! I feel like a blue Chevy Tahoe. 2 wheel drive, power steering and windows, AC, heated seats, no trunk.

Personality & Behaviour
Women have babies, and the babies themselves are sometimes women, and sometimes men. When a woman's baby is in trouble, she gets strong muscles to lift the bus.  The last thing a woman wants is for her newborn baby to be squished. It takes 9 months to get!

Women are from Venus. That's far! Try getting there by foot, it can't be done. It takes literally zillions of years for them to reach Earth, and often they need to get the hull of their plane fixed at the halfway point between Earth and Venus, and gas is also so expensive these days, because of George W Bush and his stupid war for oil.  Once they reach Earth, it's time to play hard to get. Women usually have Numbers that they can be reached at, which they NEVER give out. Once you get it, it will still be difficult to reach them because they leave their phones in the car. Phones should NEVER be left inside of the car in Southern Cali for too long, because they will Melt.

Women are actually pretty great girls, they have some personality issues but who doesnt these days? Women are the complete package, 36, 24, 36, Peace.


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