Thursday, March 24, 2011


"Get this off of me!!!" -- Salc
Men have muscular physiques -- with a dong. They have short hair. They never wear dresses because those are not for men. Pants are for men, and when you see a man, he's in 'em. Adam was the first man, and his apple is in the gullet of the other ones. The man is usually seen wearing his nose in the masculine fashion. Toot, toot! goes the man's nose.

Personality & Behaviour
A day in the life of a man: He drives his racecar to the office, and then he gets out!! Next step is to work. Work, work, work. Men hate work but they're responsible men, that's what they do.  After work they have The Big Game to look forward to at dusk. His choice of beer is Bud Lite + Clamato. The night would be perfect, but it's too bad the lawnmower needs fixing! The man goes straight to his hammer. There! Fixed! After Sheila has put the Kids to bed, it's time for sex.  The gentleman prefers oral, but if he doesn't get it every night, that's ok. He does thrusts, and then there's the sperm! Then it's time for work again!!!!!!!! By the way, he speaks in a deep voice.

Hobbies of Men: Discus, Power, Marlboro, Target Practice, and the good life.

Men in the Media: Method Man, Red Man, U-God.

Men are actually pretty great guys, they have some personality issues but who doesn't these days? Men is the complete package, tall, dark, and handsome, Peace.


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