Sunday, May 1, 2011


"What do we have here? ;)"
special guest post by Tack Haberdash, author of MYTHS RETOLD!

Beekeepers have arms and hands, and most of them even have legs! Beekeepers have faces, too, but you wouldn't know it because they wear suits originally designed by NASA for astronauts who also need to be professional Beekeepers. When not in uniform, Beekeepers can often be identified by their luxurious beards. Don't get too close though! Chances are, that beard is made of fierce bees! Also the hair on top of their heads is bees. Does the carpet match the drapes? Only if the carpet is made of bees! All Beekeepers are males, or they might as well be because you can't see boobs through those suits anyway.

Personality & Beehaviour
If bees are not properly kept, they will go bad and/or we will not be able to find them when we need them. Bees are important because they are a good source of honey and hurting people. Thus Beekeepers are a vital part of society. They establish their dominance as the "Alpha Bee" by dressing up as a giant bee and punching any bees that get too big for their bee britches. In Olde England, British kings used to sleep with their hounds in order to develop a closer bond with their animal pals. Beekeepers do not sleep with their bees because they would crush them or get stung and also that is stupid. Beekeepers are always telling people to "bee careful" or "buzz off" because they like bees so much that they want to talk about them even when bees are not the topic of conversation! When a Beekeeper wants you to mind your own business, you will know because he will tell you to "mind your own beeswax."

Beekeepers are actually pretty great guys, they have some personality issues but who doesn't these days? Beekeepers are the complete package, black, yellow, and blacknyellow, Peace.

Bee + /17

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