Thursday, June 30, 2011


Giles in the process of crucifying a vamp
Rubert Giles is a man who looks like a serious man, and he has glasses for checking. One thing I can say about Giles is his jaw is strong, but when does that ever come into play? I can think of only one explanation... jawbreakers!! Giles's jaw has never been broken by ANY professional jawbreaker. Giles is portrayed on tv by Anthony stewart Head, who looks completely identical to Giles. Head's Giles is more of a classical Giles, which is different from the very Radical Giles I envision in my own head. In my world, Giles is more of a slime, maybe two steps removed from a biojelly. But that's just my opinion, and, as Giles would be the first to point out, everyone is welcome to his own opinion.

Personality & Behaviour
Krupert Giles is a man in the tv Buffy the Vampire Slayer for killing vamps. He does it with guns, swords, and weapons. The weapons he favors are Knives, and machetes. He'll make the vampires dead by spearing them, usually with various poisons he employs in vamps' drinks. For example: Pepsi, diet pepsi, cola, gatorade (orange), creme de menthe, and deadly poison. Even though Giles nowadays might seem like a stodgy old man, he was actually quite the stodgy young boy earlier, before all this. Giles wishes he could wash his hands. But blood is permanent on hands, especially the hands of a true buffy like Giles. Go with the flow Giles said inwardly to himself. Dapper, he replied, cheerio good mate.

Giles is actually a pretty great buffy, he has some personality issues but who doesnt these days? Giles is the complete package, scooby, dooby, and doo, Peace.


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