Sunday, July 3, 2011


Dont look into T-Hawk's eyes!
Squanto wears feathers all over himself. His beautiful lineage is leather faced, like some leather jacket. Carved by the wind, nurtured by some bison, Indians are the best. They look awesome! The dots on their foreheads between their eyes are almost like a third eye or something. Never have you considered it to be a third ear, but Indians can hear really well. That's why they call them Indians for godsakes. When Chris Columbus got here, he said that the Indians looked weird and strange. A white person wasn't used to all the beads and shit. But looking forward, we see that Americans have incorporated Indian shit in culture, such as beads and shit.

Personality & Behaviour
Ever seen a game of baseball? The Cleveland Indians win every time. First they take the bat, and then they keep their eyes on the ball, and the rest is history. When they aren't World Champs, they can engage in powwows, which are big stores to buy Indian shit. When we got off the ships, all we knew how to eat was corn but they expanded our diets to include maize too, a kind of corn on the cobb. Then we said Thanks for Giving, and split. Thought we forgot about Pocahontas? She was the first Indian girl, no problem. What else? Sacajawea... inspired the invention of spell check lol AND the modern dollar. Crazed Horse was faster than any horse yet, but could he outrun the champion? And what about Mohawk Indians, what's up with that.

Indians are actually pretty great native americans, they have some personality issues but who doesnt these days? Indians are the complete package, the mayflower, the pinto, and the Santa Maria, Peace.


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