Friday, July 29, 2011

Voldemort II


What more is there to say? He's Voldemort, too. In the first book, a chalk-white-man with blood-red-eyes and slits-for-nostrils like a snake named Voldemort tried to kill Harry Potter (with Quirrels). 

Personality & Behaviour
In the second book, Voldemort tries to kill Harry using the Chamber of Secrets. And, last but not least, in the seventh book, Harry Potter and Voldemort have the ultimate showdown. But what if director David Yates had decided to continue his series......... He would have to introduce a new Voldemort, inevitably entitling the man Voldemort II.Well, that's history now, and Voldemort Two is even more menacing than Voldemort the First. Anyways, there is only one distinguishing feature between the two super-villains, which is that Voldemort 2 is slightly inhibited. He needs to get really drunk with butter-beer before Avada-Kedavra. Once he has had a couple of butter-beers from his powerful Goblet of Fire, don't get in his way ---> He's completely drunk. If he gets in his car, he''ll be able to Avada-Kedavra you completely to death with hit-and-run. The only way to stop Voldemort 2 is to wait it out. Alternatively, you can use a shield. This completely shuts him out. He can't get in. But whatever happened to Voldemort 1 anyway? Well, that's another story...

Voldemort 2 is actually a pretty great guy, he has some personality issues but who doesnt these days? Voldemort 2 is the complete package, Fred, George, and Dobby, Peace.


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