Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Gallum and... Emma Watson Completely Nude (you'll shit bricks)
This week on People Blog, we have a special treat for you, the audience. Treat is.. Daniel Radcliffe submitted this guest post, the acclaimed British star.

Gollum looks like a little old wonderful man. He has bulging eyes, a pocket full of delicious butterscotch candies, and great stories dating back to Operation Gulf War by George W Bush. He is very (my) precious and doesn't have all his teeth or normal sized ears. Ugly but in a cute, gross way.

Personality & Behaviour
Gollum is a house helper who helps Sam Wizard and Elijah Woods. They need to find the ring or potions and throw it into the fires but only before it's too late. After that, it will be too late. He talks to himself and has another name, Liv Tyler. Liv Tyler likes the ring because she's a Jersey Girl and it makes people and/or house helpers become invisible. His other personality is Aragorn (sp), King of People. In the movie Bilbo Baggins and the Two Towers, Argorn is played by Vigo Mortensen of the Purple Rose of Cairo (jk, April Fools Days, 2011). Vigo Mortensen's split personality is Orlanda Bloon (sp) who is Pirates. Gollum's personality is very introverted. And by introverted, I of course mean that he is the type to fall into volcanoes, which are nature's goblets of fire. Gollum once wisely said, as he was walking into Mortork, "One does not simply walk into Mordor, my precious". Gollum twice wisely said, "16", in response to Gimmles when Gimmles
asked him how many Ents he killed. Gollum's other personality Pipi likes second breakfast but he shall not pass.

Gollum is actually a pretty great guy, he has some split-personality issues but who doesn't these days? Gollum is the complete package, return, of, the, king, Peace.


Full Disclosure:
April Fools Day! It's by My Friend, not Daniel Radcliffe 

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