Monday, August 15, 2011


Homo Heidelbergensis, nicknamed "Salc" by discoverer Salk Q.
When God wrote the Bible earlier he stipulated that he made Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve. When God wrote Stuart Little, he decreed that the main character would be a little white mouse, not Adam and Steve. And when God wrote Dune, he decided that the spice must flow, not the cum from Adam or Steve or worse both together in unison. The reason for this is fuck faggots: think about it. Have you ever pictured what a gay sex sesh is like? Dick here, dick there, dick here, dick there -- ahH! That oughta hurt. Impossibly flexible, undeniably sleek, really buff, and pretty reasonable, and totally awesome, homos represent the pinnacle of human evil. Twinks look like evil little boys, bears look like evil old bears, and otters are furry little guys. The ONLY redeeming factor of a homo is his DSL. If he has real good DSL, he can really handle your down-load even if it is many megabytes or even gigabytes on mediafire or just a torrent of your favorite music. Either way, if you haven't looked in to it, right now is the best time to get a new Macbook Pro Air.

Personality & Behaviour
Gay homos have one eensy-weensy, miniscule, germ-sized, tiny little problem: can't get any puss. Even though girls find themselves flocking to gay men, the homos simply can't make the move. They can't even r*pe a woman at gunpoint. It should be noted however that r*pe isn't about sex, it's about power. Do the math: if you bed over 90 women, you get 180 power points. Most gay men don't even use PowerPoint, they use Keynote.

Frequently Asked Qs:

  • Q: Where do gay people buy their condoms? A: The condom store just like everyone else!
  • Q: What's the best part of a gay blowjob? A: All the cum.
  • Q: How does a gay dike woman have sex? A: With scissors. Ouch. 
  • Q: Is being gay caused by upbringing or by jeans? A: A combination of jeans and upbringing is the current theory. Some jeans are simply gay, like Gay Levi's. If you choose Levi's you are more likely to end up straight. 
  • Q: How come gay people are so afraid of the AIDS virus?

Homos are actually pretty great guys, they have some personality issues but who doesn't these days? Homos are the complete package, Elton John, Magic Johnson, and just regular guys like you and me, Peace.


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