Sunday, August 28, 2011


A tyke with his arms and legs spread-eagled 
Guest post by Peter S, who dislikes our blog.

You can ID a new baby because it wasn’t there a second ago, and now, splash, it is. Babies are usually surrounded by people making faces they think babies will like. Babies have lots of different smells, from “new” to “used”. No baby looks like its parent until it finally grows a face. Babies also have more baby mittens than anyone else you know. Also, they almost never wear the same baby mitten twice. Sometimes babies stop breathing for no apparent reason.

Personality & Behaviour
These young tots are part diva, part exotic pet, and very cute acting. Feeding a baby a lemon results in cute sputters, coughs and other signs of distress. Be sure to remove the lemon carefully, or it might get more deeply lodged in the baby’s widdle tiny throat. Babies are poor linguists and have very little endurance or patience for strenuous activity, but that's fine, no one really likes public speaking or marathons, and babies are just up front about it. Sometimes a baby will simply die because it is no longer breathing. This mystic, trippy force who takes the baby away is called Sid. After Sid has strangled these babies, they die and turn to piles of dust. This dust has many practical uses, like covering your best friend in cool dust! Shower time.

Babies stop being babies when a younger baby shows up, or when it starts talking too much. At this point, a baby generally Morphs, like a young soft little worm hatching into a cool butterfly.

Babies are actually pretty great. They have some personality issues but who doesn't these days? Babies are the complete package, placenta, cord, and the womb, Peace.


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