Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Controversial blacc U-GOD as seen in Bruce Almighty 1,
box office smash hit success
Tall, first of all. Yao Ming is a famous tall man; imagine someone double his height, and triple his weight. Usually, God has thick, warm, white robes on, with a beard too. God is truly warped, like some Escher painting, MC Escher. If God were to put on a hat, who knows what kind of hat it would be, because God can do Anything. You haven't even considered .00001% of the possible sorts of hats that can be donned by God (Goddonned) and I don't expect you to. However, just to be on the safe side, God usually just wears a pope hat and a messenger Boy hat on top of his trademark pope hat. On the safer side, and on a good day, he simply wears a hybrid of the two, like toyota Prious. His most famous feature is probably his scarface, but that's excusable due to he got fucked up.

Personality & Behaviour
Beyond our knowing. Like Lord Voldemort, God is also my sweet lord by Jorj Harris. Top researchers say that he most likely is A-Type personality, super-aggressive and a go-getter, more likely to get your favorite job than you. God's friends are his angels; his enemy: Satan. Remember when God was young? He was so random. But now, God uses tips, tricks and secrets to bend reality to his will. He has the ability to kill ANYONE on Planet Earth. In a similar fashion, if he chose to, he could also put anyone into a mindnumbing trance that hypnotizes them completely. Once enough of these slaves have been manufactured, he can have them all fight each other at last.

God commandments abound like no smoking or even doing your neighbour's wife. You can't even e-cig or e-sleep with your neighbour's babe. Hookah is out of the question, and don't even try to be a homo. Do you have wishes? Prayer them, that's the ticket. God can answer Prays! If you Pray, don't expect it to be answered immediately. Pray it, don't spray it.

U-God is an entirely different beast of a horse of an entirely different sort of colour. Monumental wrap group Wutang Clang employed U-God to spice up their wraps. Little did they know that he was such a U-GOD. He solved Da mystery of chessboxin and went on to defeat Bobby Fisher, chess wizkhalifa. U-God's powers rival God's but ultimately, when it comes down to it, more people know about God so that's a wrap.

God is actually a pretty great guy, He has some personality issues but who doesnt these days? God is the complete package, the Father, Son, and the Ghost, Peace.


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