Thursday, August 4, 2011


Lee "Michael Jordan" Jordan faithfully recreated
in the Sims 3 by Matthew and Travis
Robed, strobed, and ready to roll, Wizkids are the best! Picture a Wizkid- now, rotate him 90-degrees in your mind's eye. Add a drop of magic and there it is. The image ensnares the senses, tantalizes your very brains. In reality though, the Wizkid can't even look like that, ever. Actually, they look like short nerds with bad fashion and glasses to top off your bad impression, acne too. Smart, though, to the bone. Only booksmarts, though, no real common sense. Though, he may be really tall, like super tall. However, this also might not be the case. One famous nerd got wheelchaired, but he can't talk. Even though Einstein never got good grades in school, he still ended up completely paralyzed and invented the H-bomb. To this day, dead victims of the H-bomb DO NOT read A Brief History of Time. Anyways, Einstein was mostly famous for his hair which is now a Wizkid classic.

Personality & Behaviour
These brainiacs can do many spells. If they're bad, they do dark magic. And if they're white, they tend to do better, overall. White magic is used to make things look prettier, better genes. Dark magic, however, is apeshit. White magic, on the other hand, babeshit. But, on the other hand, dark magic is completely evil and only Voldemorts use it. Third hand, white magic can't jump. Can't dance, either. But black people can do both. Picture this. An awkward old white fart trying to score a basketball jump. Try as he might, he can't get lift off. Eddie Murphy slythers up from behind, jumps and scores. Blastoff. Houston, we got game. Basically, Eddie Murphy is the best and frankly I cant wait to see him in Harry Potter. Another option is for him to be in the Nutty Professor, but either way there's gonna be movie magic happening on screen. White wizkids talk like this: Sir, please. But black wizkids are more like: hey, sir, please, buddy.

Wizkids are actually pretty great guys, they have some personality issues but who doesnt these days? Wizkids are the complete package, the abra, the kadabra, and the kazaaam (sp), Peace.

17/17 (Impossible, a wizkid's work!!)

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