Monday, August 22, 2011

Usain Bolt

"Yotzee! I got a yotzee!!!" That's five dice the same
special guest post by Kostya Kavutskiy, chess Wizkid

Fast, this is a speedy individual. A yellow, green, and blacc blur, Usain St. Leo Bolt is known to many as the fastest mammal on the planet. Young, well-toned, and a bright star, his aero-dynamic face is perfect for promoting really good products that have utility or high flavor. Swift and public in his dancing, he's never been still for a photograph, despite many attempts.

Personality & Behavior
A hard-working, trustworthy, cereal eating athlete. He can do nothing else but sprint. With 3 olympic gold medals to his name and the fact that he once ran 100 meters in 9.58 seconds (with no tailwind), wow, great. But also his surname is just too perfect. Also he's been known to attend parties hosted by Jamaica countryman Sean Kingston. Don't forget he's also quite laid-back and relaxed! He'll train only to run, but never will he run for a train. “Ja” has never succeeded in makin him crazy; it's the vibrant culture and weedsmokethick atmosphere of Jamrock itself that makin him crazy.

Usain Bolt is a pretty great chillaxin cheetah, he has some personality issues but who doesnt these days? Usain Bolt is the complete package, the nimble, the quick, and the jumping over the candle-stick, Peace.


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