Saturday, August 20, 2011


A Shooter carefully taking aim on his latest
target, an innocent white mouse
Shooters have oversize AK-47s and big-ass trenches for coats. They can usually be seen alone at the cafeteria; the only one who pays attention to them is the bully. Bullies tend to home in on their trenches, first. "Where'd you get that big-ass trench, Mister? What are you hiding under that big-ass trench, a gun? You dumb idiot shooter." After that, the bully homes in on the shooter's tiny little dick, which is sticking out of his fly for some reason. "Wow," he screeches. "Wo! Behold, my brethren, schoolchildren at this school, take a look at limpy. Softer than my soft velvet at home. Come on! Get hard!" he wheezes. Everyone laughs at Shooter, like the girl he secretly likes Jen. Little do they know in the privacy of his home he does in fact get hard for Jen. He doesn't reveal this fact, cries some bullets, and leaves. This shooter is dark.

Personality & Behaviour
Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot. That's the sound he constantly imitates when he's thinking of guns, which is usually the case with Shooter. His mind is like an impenetrable fortress: it has a moat, with crocks. Crocks are something of a hobby animal for Shooters- you can easily see why, no better animal to fill with lead. Shooters have Etsy accounts where they sell their handmade crock handbags and slippers, plus Croc brand shoes. NEVER buy from a Shooter's Etsy because you will undoubtedly receive a trench instead of whatever you ordered. Or worse, a gun. And then where will you be leaving this poor Shooter? He'll be completely bare and unarmed, nude to the core like skeletons. 

His AK is well-oiled and very very strong. Sleek, and hard, there's also a little horn on top for honking just for fun. His gunn has recoil effects but don't expect a Shooter to recoil in horror because that's what the gun's for. As for a name, just call me X. In regards to the gun's name, though, Hank the Gun! Shooter and Hank the Gun are a match made in the fiery furnaces of LIVING HELL.. if you get on top of his Baddside, don't expect to be rewarded with candies and other treats/sweets/whatever. Prepare yourself for the coming onslaught of AK-47s; you'll be buried beneath them in no time at all. Help me! Get me out of these guns! But would you help someone like that? -------> Sound off below. Roger, that.

Shooters are actually pretty great guys, they have some personality issues but who doesnt these days? Shooters are the complete package, columbine, v-tech, and Gabrielle Giffords, Peace.

0.0883/17, for effort

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