Thursday, September 1, 2011


WARNING: written under the influence of EXTREMELY HIGH DOSES of Sleep Feelings.

Even DOG-Z67gamma294 can get the occasional
catnap in sometimes ;) Just don't overdo it
Sleepyheads have crusty eyes from frequent contact with sandmen. These scabbed scabies eyes help keep out the light. That's the plus side. The bad, yucky side is that their eyes are too gross to sleep, so the Sleepy will often resort to, let's just say... alternatives. Alternatives to sleep include lounging, napping, or catnaps, or even powernaps if maximum business is your true calling. Your average sleepyhead can be found in a variety of positions and colours, including Tall, Short, BIG, small, lying down with red eyes, and reclined: stripe. Sleepyheads droop like Sad Man, but don't confuse the two. Sleepies still have the wife to sleep with. Sad Men are just newfags. They do not feel sleepy, even though if they are very sad they might decide to suicide and sleep forever, for eternity infinitely. "To infinity and beyond," is the motto of many suicide enthusiasts like a famous toy.... Buzz Lightyear. There's a kernel of truth to that, but don't take it with a grain of salt, and if you do just throw it over your shoulder for bad luck prevention. It would be VERY bad luck if you sleepwalked off a cliff or sleeptalked your biggest crush, Jen, so knock on wood and we recommend Sleepytime Chameleon Type Tealeaves to munch on before bed.

Personality & Behaviour
When you enter a deep sleep, your biggest wishes come true in your dreams. Dreams are a sort of movie that play in your head, only now YOU'RE the star. Your wildest dreams will come true in your dreams, like flying power, radioactivity, man-made lakes, and all sorts of other X-Men you want to be, such as Wolferine or Professor X. There are 2 kinds of Specialty Dreams: lucid dreams and wet dreams, but let's just talk about wets first. During a wet, you visualize a stranger on a train alone with you in your compartment and she's only wearing one pair o' panties. Let me at 'er! The bra is very loose and easy to remove which is a relief because your hands are clammy and you don't even have any in this dream, she removes her own bra for you and then she takes it out and she sucks it. What's "it," you, the reader, ask? Nothing. It was all a dream. When you wake up, you've spilled water everywhere which is why it's so sticky with cum. THAT'S why people become Sleepyheads.

Sleepyheads are actually pretty great guys, they have some personality issues but who doesn't these days? Sleepyheads are the complete package, 1 sheep, 2 sheep, zzzzzz, Peace.


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  1. i've learned so much, observing them in the wild just wasn't cutting it.

    i'm glad you talked about wets.


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