Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bill Shakespeare

Shakespeare along with his lucky feather
Ruffled ruffs. No it's not a dog, it's Bill Shakespeare! That, along with tights and a codpiece, are his Signature fashions. For example, if Bill Shakespeare were to wake up, say, and get dressed, he'd put on ruffled ruffs, along with tights and a codpiece, rathre than the trousres of present-day times. He had the unkempt white hair of a genius. When he walked down the street, onlookres were blinded by his strut but usually he did not strut- low confidence. Howevre, the days AFTRE he had written, say, a mastrepiece he was feeling pretty good and then he would go out to just strut it out. But on the days when he wrote flops, he'd just flop about, like a fish - halibut, out of watre. He had a fat face with hair on it. His chubby arms dangled feebly like lard-filled daggres. His waist had extra fat from the good food. Whenevre you think of him please remembre that he did NOT have a gym membreship to 24 or LA, where you can find People Blog staff for sure, flexing their guns and then swimming. No, no, he went to Bally's Total Fitness and Gold's Gym. The harmful combination of these two gyms may have cost him his health, but it is these gyms that inspired our greatest works of Books in time. These books contain the wondreful worlds, creepy creatures and inventive incantations of none othre than Bill Shakespeare, but more on that latre.

2 hours latre...

Personality & Behaviour
A mastre wordsmith, Bill Shakespeare invented almost 40 percent of the words in the English language. But in his own time, people hardly undrestood him when he spoke, considreing most of his words uttre gibbreish-talk. Latre, humans were able to deciphre his macaber lexicon and now we have mastrepieces to read. However, despite his strange mannre, Bill Shakespeare was actually a strange creep. His creepy tendencies such as Peeping Bill have been downplayed by historians around the globe-- because they're all just a bunch of sheeple, Bill the shepherd of this ungodly herd. Speaking of shepherds, Bill was an employee of Sbarros while he was young and trying to make it big. This is why most of his books feature Sbarros as the setting and as major charactres and plot points. Due to trademark issues most of these works have nevre been released and they were bettre than his othre works so that's a shame. Next time you want take-out pizza, considre Domino where they really cheese it up, plus sauce and whatevre else you want on a " 'zza ." 

Fun Facts About Billiam
1} He nevre did the same thing twice
2]  Heart problems
3-  He was a great champion of animals' rights to do whatevre they want
4> One thing an animal can do is jump, eat, swim, and joke
5)  For animals, these are forms of play
6.  Play was Shakespeare's favorite subject in school, that's why he wrote so many of 'em ;)
7* People Blog has been unable to secure more facts about Bill so why don't you the readre give it a try? Forward in an email any helpful tips, tricks, and secrets to PeopleBlog.com@hotmail.com, and we'll check our inbox for any favorable tips, tricks, secrets, etc, hoping for the best, yet also feeling sick.

Bill Shakespeare was actually a pretty great guy, he had some personality issues but who didn't in those days? Bill Shakespeare was the complete package, double, double, toil and trouble, Peace.

5/17 In honor of Shakespeare's favorite numbre 5.17

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