Saturday, September 24, 2011


A slut grinding on me right now
Like a fine wine, a slut will have a very unbuttoned blouse and will be either red or white with a cork. Mazel tov. Their pussies are dripping wet, like wine or any other champagne you can think of, such as Andre Champagne for cheap. The fact that their pussy juice is carbonated is a major double-edged sword: ouch; yum. Tits are firm and supple but not without nips. The absence of nips on a hot slut basically means: "Nix that, she's not hot after all," you said to your wingman. "Thanks for helping me break the ice with this beautiful slut but my interests lie elsewhere." "See ya," said Wing. My friend Montgomery Wing always assists me with these kinds of things... Like he says, stop telling girls about the time when you couldn't get a girl so you had to go home. Instead, tell them about when you simply went home. This will plant a hypnotic suggestion inside their small puny brains, motivating them to eventually go home too, possibly with you if you have a guestroom. Anyways they look great and overall just really a babe, just ask her out man what's there to lose? Platinum blonde, with full red lips and eyes, hips like your dreams and ass like you cream when you jack it off. They don't have horrible dark bags under their eyes like those fucking tired girls. True princesses also have triple Ds- no straight As here bookworm. I'm referring to breasts- B. R. E ASTS that's the ticket!!!

Personality & Behaviour
Usually benign but you don' wanna bring her over to big momma's hou'. Sluts exhibit no behavior whatsoever. More properly, you'd say they exhibit misbehavior. Give a slut a cookie and you'll get a slut who won't be able to suk your dick during the time it takes to eat one. Sluts can't run but they can trip and fall next to monsters and then the monsters have their way which is the way of EATING you alive when you are vulnerable to them. Sluts also know the best places in the city to get laid by johns. If you ask a slut how to get laid, you'll get answers, I'll tell you that. The answer will be here's how, just put it in me when the time is right. -- Hold on a sec, I just realized something... Even high class women are sluts, in a way... Their husbands buy them dinner and nice houses, and then they get sex, just like men for sluts do. How shallow. How based. Men are just based gods, women their bases to camp the dick at. Don't you see? We have to do something about this vicious cycle that just eats sluts' pussies up and kicks those pussies to the side of the road, like pussy debris. Kill your TV- don't be brainwashed by Gilmore Girls or any of those other womanizing curb your enthusiasms. Tucker Max says to take the girls by the horns - boob horns that is!!! - but watch out for anal because you might have a hilarious poop related story on your hands to tell all your friends and your bestselling book and blog. Remember, sluts only want one thing and that one thing is her deepest desire since she was a girl.

Sluts are actually pretty great gals, they have some personality issues but who doesn't these days? Sluts are the complete package, suck, fuck, you're in luck my friend, Peace.


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