Thursday, September 8, 2011


"Aww but boss, do I HAVE to?" Michael, John
and Timothy chanted together in unison, as if in temple.
But a smile cracked upon Michael's face, and John
couldn't contain his mirth. It occurred to Timothy
that the joke might be at his expense, but he chose to ignore
 it, coming as it did from two dumb workers like himself.
Happy Labour Day from People Blog Staff. 

Grimy like Skrillex, with a hardhat. Workers have muscles growing under their skin in every conceivable spot. Their calloused fingertips are a powerful tool for industry, and are useful for pointing, prodding, and stroking the products they create at the factory. With hands like these, it is understood that the worker actually has difficulty stroking It. Not to mention fingerfucks (in the puzzy (or tuzhy)). There is a strange expression out there called "Fingers like Sand, don't fingerfuck me," and I think that rings true for workers, cos when it comes to their wives, they love their wife. Anyways, the worker looks like a weathered Indian leatherface. Early on in your life, the workers you will encounter will be exclusively lunchladies but later they evolve into cool miners to get gold and ore. Once a miner has found enough gold, they are no longer workers, as they possess capital and thus they are part of a different socioeconomic class now.

Personality & Behaviour
There is a strange expression out there called "You are what you eat," but for a worker, it would be "work hard to achieve your true goals." Unfortunately, some workers get Fired. Don't ask. This cruel practice by bosses of burning their employees with the diss of Firing them (ouch) is gay and one of the main reasons why workers do "I Quit!" When a worker is treated well, expect the opposite: "I Stay!" They are very loyal and a good friends to all. Wetback workers are the best workers around. Take your worker of any ethnicity to a swimming pond and hold him by his front, slowly letting him dip back into the gently cooling waters. Allow his back to soak and moisten until it achieves a glistery shine. Now, your wetback fucking worker is ready to do cheap labor. The advantages of a wetback worker are twofold.

Unfortunately, workers are no longer with us anymore, as they've been replaced by machine labour. Industries such as lunch and mines have become infested by what scifi enthusiasts might term "bots" or "frightening bots." I wonder if the movie of Starwar ever thought of that!! Oh wait, that was only clones.

Workers are actually pretty great guys, they have some personality issues but who doesn't these days? Workers are the complete package, all work, no play, that's work, Peace.


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