Monday, June 27, 2011

My Writing Partner

Which is which??
My writing partner looks like a big nance. NO one can stand his stupid face, and his curly pube hairs. GETTING TOO REAL??? Well let me tell you that I don't have any pubes on my head, just like you don't have any brains in that head of yours! All you got is fluff stuff!  Just like the Pooh Bear. MY writing partner doesnt even have hands, the stupid cunt. How can you grab? No grab. Well, let me tell you about MY writing partner- how can he tell I am handsless with eyeslessness? Haha, um... You think you got me with that one?? Eyelessness? That's arguably false. No!Yes!NoYES! :( :) >:)

Personality & Behaviour
My writing partner is uncouth and also a dyke. The behavior of MY writing partner mimics that of a complete dyke. I can't even believe I have to work with this faggot, let alone come to terms with my lesbianism. OK so you think you can get the audience on your side just by putting in a bunch of SAT words? I didn't even study!! and I got an A+. You failed, rememeber?? No, I DON'T. Those times were a blur for me. I was too busy. OK. OK. I get it. You hate me. But remember when we made that pact to always be friends??? Some friend.

Alright, you're right. We're gonna have to make it up to each other somehow..

My writing partner is actually a pretty great writing partner, he has some personality issues but who doesnt these days? My writing partner is the complete package, edgar, allan, and poe, Peace.

Who can put a price on friendship? 11/17

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  1. Correction: Your Writing Partner may not have hands, but if he's a stupid cunt, you're in luck. Cunts can grab with their lips and bite with their teeth. Knowing this, you might go along with his version without so much cutting and pasting. Unless you use a cunt to cut and paste because they do that basically on autodrive, though the function is not on the mac or microsopht toobox for some reasons.


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