Monday, January 23, 2012


This sick wolf has human hands and legs!
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Guest post by Bobby Bruton, acolyte of Friedrich Nietzsche.

Wolfboys aren't allboys, but, if they were: oh, what a world! Fair or dark, it doesn't matter: they're always all the same. Wolfboys may look alright at first, but just wait until you get them under some moon. Their hairs on their handstands on end and forms all sorts of packs of little dogs. When the full moon rises, your real boy may turn into a real dog. When they roar, your slacks turn into cream jeans. When they sigh, they make all the girls turn into a bunch of screaming girls. They can be tall or short or in between - in that case, tweenwolf with michael guy fawkes. Teen Wolf Too, but don't fall for that - it's just bait, man. Sometimes, when they put on their sheep clothes - and when they do, woah, you better watch out - you won't even know them from all the other sheep. Their fur is black, and brown, and red all over unless tipped with bleachy blond. Wolfboys know all too well that life is a struggle between lights and darks. Mix&Match for a hot new ensemble, but always remember to never wash them in the same sink - that's a no, no, NO!

Personality & Behaviour
If you let them, wolfboys will walk all over you and even step on your cameltoes. So don't let them anywhere near, or just be real tight whenever they step up to the plate because if you leave the lanes wide open straight to the hoop, that will be it - all over, alley-oops, and holes in one all over. If they do get that hole in one, be sure to turn to Plan B because that baby would be SICK. Coughing, sneezing, dry mouth, and runny nose - no one wants that for their baby, not even some nazi. Don't even bring that brand new life, nude with life and raw placenta, kicking and screaming into this crazy, mixed-up, topsy-turvy world with so many people in it, if you ask me. We are the world, and only we can change it. If only little darks and little whites could live together, side by side in double sinks everywhere. In my opinion, I think that's my dream and the future. Besides, if your baby's in sickbay, some wolfmom might just up and eat 'em.

Wolfboys are actually pretty great boys, they have some personality issues, but who doesn't these days? Wolfboys are the complete package, Wolferine, Cyclops, and Nightcrawler, Peace.


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