Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sasha Grey

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Guest post by Christopher Kocurek, of Home Made Journalism.

Sasha Grey appears with dicks. Sometimes dicks are in her butt, vagina, mouth, and hands. She frequently appears to be coated in gooeys that look like wet snot boogers. Sasha Grey is especially famous for appearing with multiple guys (porn-industry term for “men”) at once. You can find Sasha Grey lurking in the internet porn and in the confessions of teenage Catholic boys. Sometimes, Sasha Grey dresses up like things she is not: a nurse, a biscuit, a sailor. This is counter-productive because ultimately her appearance is birthday suit. Only Sasha Grey was born wearing fish-net stockings and six-inch heels. No other baby ever even came close to getting born like that.

Personality & Behaviour
Sasha’s personality is loose. She can’t really get a good grip on anything inside herself anymore. Sasha Grey frequently wonders who she really is. Nurse? Biscuit? Sailor? Sasha Grey frequently behaves in ways that other women would say is “bad” or “grody” or "thats what I like." Sasha behaves like a child of divorce. Because of this, Sasha Grey enjoys Group Activities with lots of guys so that she feels comfortable and safe. This is because when her parents got divorced, she was saved by a group of gangbangers. Also, she likes to get choked. Some psychologists say that Sasha Grey’s behavior is a mirror of famous porn stars like: bigboobs49, wetwat64, nintendo64, and Jenna Jameson.

Sasha Grey is actually a pretty great girl, she has some personality issues but who doesn't these days? Sasha Grey is the complete package, gangbang, creampie, and biscuit. Peace.


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