Sunday, October 23, 2011


"Tie your shoes, son," he said.
Guest post by Annie Caldwell, check out her web-site!

Stepdads are exactly everything your mom is looking for in a new daddy for you. They are usually very hairy, they wear old dress pants and have all different kinds of stains everywhere on their clothes! A stepdad's hair is hard-looking, and they smell like the drugstore. They always drive a very old car, but hey, it works and is a little safer than his motorcycle. The stepdad may be named Hank or Steve or Mike but his name is usually Dave. A stepdad's mustache tickles your mom's face, same way your dad's did.

Personality & Behaviour
The reason a stepdad is called a stepdad is the following: STEP because they are the step in between your real daddy and having a great time hanging out with your mom. DAD because they are Doing Awesome Deeds. Stepdads will often call your mother "baby" and "honey" because they love her very much! Stepdads played pigskins when they were in High School, and they are very proud of having scored the basketball game point.

Stepdads are actually pretty great guys, They have some personality issues, but who doesnt these days? Stepdads are the complete package, I, love, and you, Peace.


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