Friday, December 16, 2011


Where's my phone?!
Can hardly see their faces, they're so shrouded up in hoodies. They're wearing so many hoodies that they're warm. Their pearl-white iPod earbud cables create a trail of sorts from their iPod to their ears. Be careful not to wave your hands wildly right by their ears, or else you might get tangled up. Shoes are normal, pants normal, just young stuff. They look pretty alright overall, but unfortunately this is all lost to the depths of those fuzzy hoodies. There is plenty of evidence that these kids text. One of the evidence pieces is that they're always texting on their T-Mobile Sidekicks. They hold their Sidekicks in one hand with a gentle grip. Their other hand is freed up to select (using their iPod's trackwheel) the next track on the tracklist of some horrorble hip hop mix'd raptape. This new generation is not on the right track.

Personality & Behaviour
They're so enveloped in their digital world that they can no longer speak. They've digitized themselves to such a degree that they have literally fused themselves to the World Web and can no longer be apart from it. It's as if they are THREADS in a WEB. Try talking to one of these Spidermen, they'll only answer you with words like "In class, call you later" or "Call you later when I'm out of class" or even "Don't call me when I'm in class" or "I love texting," often abbreviated to "lol" or something. It's as if these kids are wired or something. Call an electrician, someone. It's as if all the Baby Boomers, when the girl ones of them gave birth, instead of giving birth to people they gave birth to microchips and other kinds of radiochips. This new generation of yummy chips can hardly breathe for their love of cyberfuel. Gosh, I told you to read a book, not a FaceBook! I told you to text me at my beeper, not my SMARTPHONE. I remember when phones were dumbphones and could barely read my calls, let alone my cool texts. It's as if modes of communication changed...

Texters are actually pretty great texters, they have some personality issues but who doesnt these days? Texters are the complete package, c, u, l8er, Peace.


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