Wednesday, December 21, 2011


This is the Tubman who betrayed the profitable plantations
by creating a Trailroad underneath the Earth's crust,
accidentally suffocating all the slaves in the process...
This is why we no longer use cotton or eat tobacco.
Traitory benefits no one.
Their biggest physical trait is their long pinochiNose. This pinochiNose is derived from lying. Their second biggest trait is the expression of loyalty you find on their fake little faces. This following trait may be their worst trait, or at least their most noticeable. The trait is that they might be either fat or skinny, tall or ugly. And the last trait is an important trait. It's their Benedict Arnold T-shirt. And their final trait is their bigass trate.

Personality & Behaviour
With all these physical traits, is there room for them to have behavior? Yeah. The first trait of their behavior is their dumb stupid backstabbing of you and yours. The best plans can be undone by the worst traitors. They're always running their mouths, the sick sycophants. When you are planning a terrorism, be sure not to invite known traitors into your midst because they will definitely tell on you to Big Brother Bush. Word Fact: Don't confuse "traitors" and "traders." If you are planning on committing a trade, don't invite a traitor, because they'll try to trade you all their energies for your 1st edition shiny Charizard. Better to invite a trader, because then you'll get a good deal that benefits you both (win-win) -- perchance a holographic Blue Eyes White Dragon for your shiny Charizard. Now that's the difference between traitors and traders.

Mainly traitors sleep with your wife. They said they wouldn't.... they promised to you that they wouldn't ravage our wife when we weren't there, but then they did! Why, oh why did I entrust the keys to my wife to this traitor! Traitors also sleep with their one eye open, and they sleep with a teddy, then they enter a nightmare.

Traitors are actually pretty great guys, they have some personality issues but who doesnt these days? Traitors are the complete package, brutus, judas, and rudas, Peace.


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